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Customs duties & taxes

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Our store is based in the USA. We also wish to ship to other countries like the UK, but of course, these counties have import duties and taxes that must be paid in addition to the international shipping. A potential solution is to let the customer deal with the additional duties and taxes after it lands in the customers country, but we are trying to make this a very customer friendly experience. As such, we wish to charge the customer up front for the additional duties and fees so there is less hassle for the customer in getting their product. One potential way way I have of dealing with this is to use a "coupon code" with a negative value, but this requires the customer to put in the right code for their international location and is not very elegant. Does anyone know of an extension or another method we can use so when a customer is in an international location we can automatically charge them the customers duties and fees?

Please help. 

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