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  1. Hi, I have been without a computer for a while and I'm looking to buy something cheap until I can get a proper gaming rig. My idea is to get a laptop that will run Evochron Mercenary reasonably well. I know I won't get super-high frame rates but as long as I can run the game on low-to-medium settings I can live with that for now. I just wanted to ask for some advice regarding this possible choice i have seen... Any Suggestion Would be appreciate. I didn't find right solution on the internet.Reference: https://www.starwraith.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=11616 Promo video production company Thanks
  2. Hi, Bought a lot of 4 on Ebay for $18ish...I was sent 5 tubes (one not in packaging, unsure why), 3-4 were empty, and had been removed from the packaging. They looked like they literally had been removed from the trash after being used, were put back into packaging and sent to me. Yes have requested a complete refund from seller. Cannot file credit card dispute/refund until I have heard back from seller (well, that was one of the questions online at Citi anyway, so will wait for seller response, credit card refund is a secondary option) For More Details: Product demo video production company
  3. Hi, I regularly use amazon web services for my work and I frequently shop from amazon. However, I have a separate account for AWS things vs. the shopping side of amazon. However, I cannot figure out how to get lastpass to only recognize one as an option in each circumstance. The URL for aws contains '&pf_rd_i=aws.iam' as a parameter, which at least distinguishes aws from the rest of amazon. Is there any way to designate separate logins based solely on that information? Any Suggestion Would be appreciate. I didn't find right solution on the internet.Reference: https://forums.lastpass.com/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=99525 Creative digital advertising company Thanks
  4. Hi, 'm amazed. Admittedly that does mean that we've spent about 99% of the day on or near a toilet and that's what my whinging would've been about if I'd posted yesterday - he asked to go to his potty twice while I was making breakfast (doesn't he know that boiled eggs can't just wait in the saucepan and that coffee needs to be drunk hot?!) and he didn't do anything either time - I wasn't too surprised as he'd just been before I brought him downstairs but I didn't want to ignore his requests. So I guess that's one question - am I doing it right by taking him every time he asks? Any Suggestion Would be appreciate. I didn't find right solution on the internet. Reference: http://www.babyledweaning.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=22&t=14651 Digital advertising agency Thanks
  5. Braxton

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    Hi, We really need a place to rant about poor summoning rates, lousy dungeon runs, stupid violent procs and ridiculous stun-locks. Also for people to boast about their nb5 and rune drops. Some suggestions are not really suggestions but to let of some steam. e.g. Violent runes. It's not gonna change, no matter how the developers nerf/tweak it, it's still going to string ridiculous number of stuns and moves. Most of us know that, but we still want to talk about it. For More Details: Creative digital advertising agency
  6. Hi, This has happened twice. I send the order and provide the buyer with tracking link and number. When delivery is attempted, the buyer is not present/ undelivered and the product is returned back to me. Thus, I have to confirm with the buyer and resend the product, spending twice on shipping charges. If I don’t, then the buyer may file A to Z claim or provide negative feedback about shipping and other important benchmarks. What to do? Any Suggestion Would be appreciate. I didn't find right solution on the internet. Reference: https://sellercentral.amazon.in/forums/t/buyer-unavailable-at-the-time-of-delivery-and-product-is-returned/9933 Digital advertising studio Thanks
  7. Hi, Feb '17 I have a product a customer would like to order, to use on an out-of-town trip this weekend. They’re leaving day after tomorrow, so there’s no time to deliver it to their home. I wonder if it would work to send it to them “General Delivery” at a post office near their destination. I’ve never used General Delivery before. Does anyone know if you can do this on a one-time basis, for a person who’s traveling? From what I read online, it sounds like it could work, with no need to arrange anything in advance with the PO, just find one that offers General Delivery service, and have the customer show up with their ID. Can any of the USPS experts here confirm this is how it works? Any Suggestion Would be appreciate. I didn't find right solution on the internet. Reference: https://sellercentral.amazon.com/forums/t/usps-general-delivery-question/278125 Business video studio Thanks
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